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FacetApp LLC founded in 2009, enables Model-driven Enterprise Applications without having to write source code. Enterprise quality are those Apps that require a high level of performance, usability, security, and scalability.

Using Semantic Technology, Model-driven Apps natively store their data and program logic in models (e.g. ontologies) making it easy to link to and interoperate with other applications.

Programs are simply written by configuring the business logic and rules, instead of hard coding. The platform takes responsibility for turning this description into an Enterprise quality web application. Applications are easily extended without a-priori knowledge of future customer requirements.

Model-driven Apps dramatically lower the cost, delivery time, and team size over conventional programming.

FacetApp Provides:
• Starter App Program
• Information Model Assessment (IMA)
• FIBO (Finance Industry Business Ontology) Strategy Consulting & Applications
• Model-driven Enterprise Solutions
• OntoApp Platform License

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