Case Study: Standard & Poors

The Problem
Data trapped in tables limited freedom to generate what-if analysis with ease.
Business Rules disconnected from data and users.

The Solution
We reviewed the data and built a model for more usable, faster ratings search.
Quickly extended the model to enable flexible ratings analysis.

The Results
30% – 70% Savings over traditional development
Migrated 28 tables in 6 weeks.
Saved months for requirements and development.
Multiple Navigation Paths to Data with fewest clicks
Environment for Analysts to Evaluate Ratings before publishing
Business Value: Very High. Rating delays and/or errors can cost tens of millions per firm.

“FacetApp provided conservatively, a cost savings of 30% and depending on the situation could have returned 70% based on our experience last month.”
– Lead Info Architect, S&P Ratings Services

Design Goals

Top Priority: Usability
Display ratings with the fewest number of clicks.
Get users their data as fast and smoothly as possible.
New User (e.g. Public) vs. Seasoned Analysts
Reuse previous Queries, Rules, Objects.
Eliminate Duplication: the root of complexity, errors, time and cost.

Advise Analysts on what is Impacting the Rating Change (Data + Rules)

Simplify Complexity
No Custom Coding. Apps are quickly built with objects and rules.
Accelerate Turnaround Time to the Business
W3C Standards Compatible to Legacy Systems

Case Study: Insurance Rating Engine

Goals: Increase Policy Revenue & Profitability
Strategy: Shift Work to Broker Channel, enable Underwriters to Override where needed.

System Capabilities:
Sales Lead Filter
Rating Engine with Carrier Data
Streamlined Workflow & UX
Faceted Browser Rating System
Multiple Workspaces
Multiple Roles
Dynamic Calculations

Acquiring Data from Brokers / Insured: (questions, responses)
Manual Data Re-Entry: Online Data
Manual Data Re-Entry: Between Excel, TAM, Outlook
Rating via Citrix to Carrier
Sync data Between Different Environments
No Integration Between Systems: agency mgmt, carrier rating systems

ACORD standards limit vendor ability to provide modern solutions
Map ACORD XML to Semantic RDF
Goal: Interoperability that syncs with legacy platforms
Reuse: Widgets, Data, Rules, Workflows, Questions, Broker Info, Insured Info

Case Study: Turnover Intelligence

The Problem
Aggregate survey data across multiple surveys, employers, managers, and employees and datasets.
Provide a 360 degree view of the employee, as survey and other data changes.
Identify employees prone to turnover and health costs.
Enable employers and employees with new insight to prevent turnover and promote wellness and Illness.

The Solution
We reviewed the data and built a model for more usable, faster, flexible employee surveys.
Quickly extended the model to enable new 3rd party data.
Enabled employers to manage multiple corporate locations
with multiple users.

The Benefits
30% – 70% Savings over traditional development
Saved months for requirements and development.
Enabled reusable surveys and questions.
Multiple Navigation Paths to Data with fewest clicks
Environment for Employers to predict/prevent Employee turnover.
Business Value: High. Turnover of talent is expensive. Executives fail at goals when their talent leaves.


“FacetApp was able to help us plan transition of our proprietary service value methodology into a SaaS platform in a matter of days. Remarkable!  Even more impressive, they helped us execute a cloud based prototype for client testing in just weeks, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT programming costs.   We accelerated our planned cloud service revenue ramp and margin up lift by months.”

– James Bilbao, President

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