Information Model Assessment (IMA)

Environment Survey
Interview Overall Goals, Milestones & Strategy

Application Functionality & Workflow
Capture screenshots and reports of the current workflow

Goals & KPIs
Increase Policy Premium per holder ratio
Upsell / Cross Sell
Increase Sales Force Productivity
Reduce Transaction Processing Time
Reduce Offline Transaction Paper Processing
Reduce Outbound Call Volumes

Data & Rule Analysis
Review Customer-supplied Datasets and Business Rules
Duplication Survey: Manual ReEntry, Core Master, Reference Data
Update Frequency: Static vs. Live Web Services

Interoperability Levels
Review Integrations: Internal, Across Value Chains, Channel Partners

Generate Conceptual Design (Starter App)
Identify Requirements for migrating Data Tables and Rules into the Model Format
– Estimate: DataSources, Pages, Classes, Properties, Rules, Instances, Menus, Roles, Interfaces, Styling
– Estimate Reuse Factor
– Estimate New Feature Requirements
Develop Starter App with Faceted Browser (clean, migrate data into triples, build browsers & navigation)

Generate Findings & Recommendations
Summarize Gap Analysis & Future State Roadmap
Develop RDF Upgrade Cost / Benefit Analysis
Present Executive Briefing & Final Report