The Problem.
For most developers, building Scalable, Secure Semantic Enterprise Apps is not easy. It requires a steep, sophisticated learning curve into the world of Phd-speak that can take years to distill, sort out, evaluate and decide before building a thing. Architectural design errors carry heavy penalties later on when applications fail due to the wrong choice of critical components, like Inference Engines and Triplestores.

Most semantic application design efforts represent science projects cobbled together from open-source software, low cost tools, and hard coding of non-semantic glue logic (e.g. Java, Dot Net, etc.) The result is usually a proof-of-concept (POC) that is unable to scale and meet more stringent Enterprise requirements like Usability, Scaling and Security. The task of moving from POC to Production often requires re-engineering the architecture based on expensive lessons learned.

OntoApp represents a Quantum Leap.
Whether you’re upgrading your POC or building a new semantic app from scratch, OntoApp can leap you ahead with a solid flexible architecture that connects to just about any legacy and/or semantic environment.

The coolest thing is that your entire app and its data all resides in a single file, the application ontology. This was never possible before without advanced rule-based inferencing.

Before OntoApp, developers had to constantly maintain their app whenever the underlying technology changed. A routine Windows/Linux or Java update could immediately break an Enterprise App, sending it back to developers for repair and servicing.

Today, OntoApp developers can simply build their apps in a single ontology using a new kind of SDK, called a Visual Editor (VE). The editor makes connecting all of the application objects to rules and data, easy, seamless, and 100% fully semantic aware and integrated from the core. As a result the app lives, data interoperates regardless of what happens below in the technology stack. You can mockup your POC and bring it into an operational, highly scalable design with a more predictable, interoperable path into the future.

This means you do business faster, with fewer interruptions. You leverage a disruptive technology, to disrupt your market – integrating data faster, building and growing your business based on apps that generate and reuse smarter data.

In week 1, OntoApp leaps you ahead, starting you where it takes others 18 months more if lucky, by building a real app. By week 4, you will have gained the capabilities of an expert.

Why CIOs Will Love OntoApp
• Shortened Learning Curve for Semantic Technology
Save 1-2 years in the first month of training
Avoids wasted time, money from mis-starts with new tech design.
Ensures you’re building usable apps from the beginning.

• Mitigates Risk
Greatly reducing uncertainty with clear evidence of semantic technology capability

• Streamlines Maintenance
Installing new versions does not require reapplication of mods to apps
Business Rules remain visible, not buried in source code

• Semantic Interoperability
Connect to semantic systems quickly and easily for rapid integrations and deep knowledge sharing.

• Excites Staff by introducing them to cutting edge technology – builds valuable skills
• Integrates legacy data with proven roadmap
• Platform automatically applies a wide range of security measures
• Apps are automatically created with enterprise level performance
• Apps can be deployed as a cloud service or in a locally hosted environment
• Ontology is the perfect vehicle for leveraging an organization’s data assets, making it understandable and available to other apps and systems. Much more easily browsed, connected and leveraged for new uses.

Get Smarter. Faster.
Build Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Bring Better Smarter Apps to Market Faster

Why Architect & Developer’s Will Love OntoApp
• Simplifies Reuse
• Self-contained design in a Single Ontology
• Self-documents your Apps in plain English
• Expressive efficient rule-based programming
• Totally object oriented
• Semantic from the ground up
• Enhanced Ontology Editor (VE) that simplifies OntoApp Programming
• Automatic Caching with optional manual fine-tuning optimizes every page and query
• Scalable – using multiple Apache Web servers (today: with 1 inference engine)
• Scalable – using multiple Inference Engines and Web Servers (Future Federation)

Why Customer End Users Will Love OntoApp

Usability – Flexible Access to Application Data from Any Direction

• Provides Window onto Data rather unhelpful blank search line
• Multiple Workspaces – user can perform several tasks at the same time and switch between them never losing their entries or needing to re-navigate

• Flexible Navigation by Tabs, Breadcrumbs, Menus
• Immediate Validity checking next to the field upon entry ensures correct data every time
– Avoids having to stop, go back and look for the error later

• Efficient Intuitive Widgets – Edit Grids of Data in place, no need to select row to edit on another screen
• Facets Open and Close without page rebuild
• Facet Browsers organize in persistent work spaces help users track multiple lists of tasks