Take your Enterprise Knowledge Assets to a New Level.

Knowledge-Driven Applications
Reusable Knowledge Assets called Ontologies.  They’re a type of model.  An Asset.
Manage Complexity (Systems of Systems).
Increased Agility.
Align Data, Rules, & Workflows. Eliminate Data Silos.
Self-Documenting, Auto-Generating Applications.
Single Unified 360° View of Your Info
Reduces Costs, Increases Quality.

Usable Knowledge. Enterprise Apps that Excel in Usability.
Blazing Fast Efficient User Experience
Intuitive Discovery. Guaranteed Search Results.
High-performance, Scalable Rule Processing
Automation of Legacy Data
Semantic Orchestration of Web Services in a Single Model

The number one use architects and app developers tell us they want
– To build powerful Scalable, Secure Semantic Enterprise Applications – fast.

To do that requires:
• One of the world’s fastest rule-based inference engines
• Experience in overcoming the Steep SemWeb Learning Curve to create solutions

• You Do Business Faster.
– With Greater Precision and Intelligence Built-in so Apps are “Data Aware.”

• Harness The Power of Inferencing Across a Global Web of Connected Data.

• With OntoApp, Your applications have built-in Intelligence.
– Data that updates in Sales, is immediately available to Marketing
– Where you get 1 view of the customer, that gets increasingly valuable every minute, hour, and day.
– Where you can save lives faster in a Global Disaster as data and images pour in from across the world, new knowledge can be processed and discovered automatically with precision.
– All without extra programming, because of the way Semantic Apps are created – knowledge is built-in from the core.

Powered by the OntoApp Platform is like:
– Having an advanced team of semantic web experts working for you, already in agreement. On the team.
– Having the instant ability to learning curve to expert proficiency by a year or more.

Harness Reusable Objects 5 Ways

Normal Reuse. New objects plugged in wherever needed.
Write a widget once, reuse it multiple times in many places: Headings, Pulldown Menus, Value Lists, Page Styling, Calculations, Functions, etc.

Data Source actions are automatically applied.
Attach to data: roles to view or edit; validity checks; labels
If users lack authority, the data field automatically drops from the screen.

Application Reuse.
Widgets can be reused across multiple applications: calendars, PDF, Web Services.

Subclass an existing class automatically inherits parent functionality.

Generate mobile apps from the Enterprise model.

Flexibility in Upgrades
• System Design Separate from Technology, allowing for immediate Seamless upgrades

Business Rule Visibility
• Traditional: Embed rules inside the technology, become lost as staff changes.
• Semantic: Rules are visible in the ontology.
• Not dependent on tech to tell you how your business runs

• Interfaces easily defined thru rules vs. complex programming
• Rule Driven – easy to connect to new systems: Semantic or Legacy

• Rules Ease System Development – no conversion of rules to programming language
 Greater Analysis & Sophisticated Query – detects patterns inside data
• Enables Learning from historical data: Better online help, recommendations
• Faceted Browsing – gives a window to the data without knowing exactly what’s needed

Access: How Interoperable are you with others?
Real-Time: To interact with other systems (legacy or semantic) on a live, real-time basis.
non-Real Time: To interact with other systems (legacy or semantic) on an asynchronous “push to talk” basis.

Rules: How Interoperable are your Apps vs. Data?
In-house Apps: Complex apps require high level rule processing (e.g. data reuse, learning, up-sell/cross-sell)
External Apps: Complex apps require high level rule processing & rule standards.
In-house Data: Requires lower level rule processing
External Data: Requires lower level rule processing & data standards.

Scaling: How large/fast are you required to scale and remain interoperable?
Heavy Scale: Allow growing base of users to quickly query a rapidly growing data set.
Light Scale: Allow few users to query a slowly growing data set.

Extensibility: How Sophisticated / Customized / Extensible are your Apps?
Can a trained user, within a day or two extend the app:
To add a new page?
To add validity checks?
To customize look & feel of page?

Updates: How much down-time can you accept in-between updates?
Up to 8 hours: Overnight only
1-2 days: Weekends only

Maintenance Budget vs. Staying Current with Technology
• Often Customizations need to be re-applied between updates.
• System-wide customizations include: facets, headers, rules, validations
• Low Maintenance Budget: FacetApp applies all customizations instantly (Backward Compatible)
• High Maintenance Budget: SOA and other SemWeb silos require customizations to be re-applied (not backward compatible).