OntoApp is a multilayer platform stack for
• Developing model-driven Enterprise Applications and solutions
• Managing complex data and business rules
• Hosting data and web services
• Interoperating data between systems using standards like FIBO

Custom, High Power Enterprise Apps
Puts users in charge of adding incremental knowledge.

Easily Integrated Enterprise Scalable Apps
Tightly vs. Loosely Coupled Apps; Reusable vs. non-Reusable Widgets

Speaks Language of Business and not IT
Apps easily maintained and extended.

Dynamic Powerful Visualizations
Networked Data, Graphs, etc.

Scales Complexity with Ease
Future integrations, rule complexity, data growth.

Maintenance Upgrades Preserve Customizations
Keeps Costs low, ROI high, less disruption

OPEN: Reduces Trap from Vendor Lock-in
Greater Range of Choices & Flexibility vs. Proprietary

Most Coherent Standards for Real-Time Interoperability
Core at Object Level: Data Model, Knowledge Model, Query Language

PULL: Consumers of data decide how to act on it.
Versus Push: Publishers who pre-define what can be done with the data.

Can Intelligently Query Remote Systems
Adjust Automatically, Cost Effectively, Quickly

Exchange App Business Rules between Systems

Highly Customizable
Quicker implementation of system customized to your total real enterprise needs.
Multi-departmental integrations, etc.

Plays Well with Others
W3C Standards Endorsed by Federal Governments Worldwide

The OntoApp platform is designed to scale with Enterprise needs by
– Consuming web services
– Providing web services
– Interfacing to existing and legacy systems

Advanced Rule-based Inferencing

Ontology Support
OWL, F-Logic

Rule Support

Web Services

HTTPS, Certificates, Secure Shell Tunnel

We Provide: 80% of What you Need to Build Enterprise Apps

You Provide: 20% of your App’s Logic, Data, Rules and User Interface

Benefit: Faster Composite Apps, Less Maintenance, Greater Reliability

We describe objects using an ontology, like buttons, pull-down menus and “animate” using the OntoApp platform which “Plays Back” the desired App Functionality using the world’s most powerful advanced inference engine.
• Faceted Browsers
• Screen Elements: buttons, pull-down menus
• Navigation: Menus, Tabs, Breadcrumbs
• Multiple Workspaces for Improved Usability
• Web Services: PDF Generation


Assured Simplicity vs. Risky Science Project

• Dynamic Reconfiguration of just about anything:
Web services, apps, rules, workflows

• Real Functioning design in a repository, separate from source code

• Uses SPARQL to replace multiple web services
Saves time in development & Maintenance for the you, value chain who uses it

• Simpler Design, less components to break

• OntoApp is “Interconnectivity Aware”
No need to use middleware for the “orchestration”
Alternatives load on more and more complexity, we limit complexity
Alternatives add middleware to compensate for what’s missing in the application

• We avoid creating more legacy code.

• Using a single Ontology, create a specification that will be automatically up to date with each new release of the platform.

Faster Editing of Larger Ontologies
Easier Navigation – Don’t get lost

Easy to keep track of where you are in an ontology when building a complex instance that has lots of properties, which refer to other instances down many levels. Complicated to do with a standard editor. VE makes building apps a snap.

Developers get more work done (Increased Throughput):
– Improved Navigation
– Fast Editing of Large Ontologies

Standard Features:
– Add/Create concepts
– Define properties
– Create instances, edit values

Navigate Directly from One Instance to Another
– Fast hot links to go from an instance directly to the object/pointed to by a relation. If an instance has a relation that points to another instance, you can instantly go to the other instance.
– Ability to create an instance while browsing to fill in an instance value into a relation

Navigate History Stack
– Go immediately back to where you were at many levels, lets you return back to your work easily.

Powerful Instance Filtering
Fast Editing of Large Ontologies Quickly

OntoApp improves maintainability in many ways

1.  Source code is separate from client applications.  Only internal OntoApp employees need to touch the source code.  Client applications are written by adding instances to the ontology.  There is no need for source level coding or debugging.

2.  BUSINESS RULES ARE SEPARATE FROM THE SOURCE CODE.  Application structure and business rules are much more visible in an OntoApp application, making it easier for maintenance programmers to understand the application logic and to find the areas that need to be maintained.

3.  Vastly improves  reusability beyond standard reusability at the library level.  Reuse of OntoApp objects is simply plug and play:  a) Make a new instance of the needed object.  b) Provide values for the appropriate attributes, which may involve creating new instances of other objects.   c) Plug the new object into the appropriate instance attribute.  d) Test the object in the platform, responding to any diagnostic messages.  If there are no messages on the first run the object has passed the platform validity check.

4.  The reuse of objects on the platform allows reuse of much more than library functions or includes:  Reused objects integrate functionality, security and authorization, screen appearance and styling in one simple to use package.

5. Platform Validity Checks. The platform diagnoses errors in application construction and provides informative error messages.

6. Flexible logging and debugging system in place to allow clients to easily send enough information to FacetApp tech support for application problems to be diagnosed.

7.  Client specific application modifications are separate from source code — they are in the ontology.   Client applications can immediately take advantage of new platform versions without needing to reapply mods.

8.  Much smaller chance that maintenance will introduce errors.  Client applications are maintained without touching the source code, and the ontology is validated by the platform.

9.  The platform creates each feature consistently with little or no possibility of introducing vulnerabilities.  Maintenance of source based web applications via hand coding always threatens to introduce security vulnerabilities.

10.  Extensive caching and cache control is built in. Application designers do not need to worry about enterprise application performance beyond optionally providing hints about the applicability of data reuse.

11.  OVERALL: The platform greatly increases programmer productivity by freeing them from  repetitively creating  source code  for varying alternatives of the same scenario and then having to maintain all that source code without introducing errors, performance problems and security vulnerabilities.  The platform incorporates many scenarios of varying scope, from the field to the page to the application level, that can be incorporated with defaults or minutely configured for precise control of the functionality and styling of the resulting application.   This level of reuse greatly reduces the amount of maintenance work required.


Unlock Organizational Knowledge

OntoApp is the simplest, most powerful platform for building 100% Ontology-driven Semantic Enterprise Apps Faster than ever before. What’s truly unique is that its not just for the experts, its for any app developer who wants a better future.

• Build Semantic Apps Faster. All without extra programming, everything is self contained in a single ontology file that looks similar to XML. Its a new W3C international standard format called RDF/OWL and its the key to powerful, high value apps for enterprises.

• Connected Knowledge. Harness one of the world’s most powerful inference engines to new insights, about your App Data faster.

• Data Interoperability. Share your insights with others in context. Interconnect Apps to other systems in less time.

The OntoApp Platform gives Semantic Enterprise App developers more of what they want – speed, power, simplicity, pre-built reusable capabilities in a single ontology file that’s easy to build and maintain.

OntoApp lets you build 100% Ontology-driven Semantic Enterprise Apps that take full advantage of SemWeb standards so new knowledge is easily discovered with data and rules that are interoperable across the web.

OntoApp lets you discover new knowledge across the enterprise and Global web with a few clicks.