For Public Sector and eGovernment

Enable Global Data Interoperability to Save Lives Faster

Acquiring Data from Global Sources to Provide Disaster Relief
Data Re-Entry: Online Data, Photos, Maps, Supplies
Sync data Between Different Environments
No Integration or Search Between Systems
Result: Loss of Life, Increase Costs, Inefficient Deployment of Aid

Data Alignment & Synchronization
Integrated 360° View of the Disaster Area
Across Multiple Remote & Mobile Systems
All Systems Stay in Sync with New Master Data: Semantic TripleStore

How FIBO Helps
Manage Complex Contracts
Streamline Purchases & Acquisitions
Integrate Regulatory with Insurance Claims
Manage Complex Rules
– Securities Industry: Derivatives, Swaps, Counter Party Risk, Mortgages
– Emergency Response: Community of Practice, Expert Matching, Cross-Agency Collaboration
– Health Care: Electronic Health Records, Medicine Manager, Match Doctors, ICD10 Conversion

Example Applications
Intelligent Disaster Response Center
Provide “Smart Data” to Enable Industry Automation and Revenue Growth
Align Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Assessments
Match Technology in Labs to First Responder Customers

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