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Starter Applications

Your Starter App begins with Reusable App Components

• Address, City, State, Zip
• Phone
• eMail

Contact Maintenance
• Add, Update, Delete

eCommerce Store (3Spree)
• Best Buy Camera Metadata (1046 Cameras)
• 51 Search Facets
• Shopping Cart
• Embedded RDF (Rich Snippets, Good Relations)

• Avian Bird Flu Maps
• Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)
• Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL)

• Sales Eligibility Questions
• Rating Engine with ISO Rates
• Policy Management
• Broker Management & Portal

Public Ratings*
• Search by Organization, Fund, Country, Department
• Search by Role Code, Organization Debt Type
• Display Ticker Symbol, Issue, Rating

*May require separate license/approval.

Employee Benefits*
• Employer Locations & Location Maintenance
• Employee Profile & Interview
• Soon: Interview & Question Browsers

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

1. Design Your Starter App
Here we consult with you to understand your goals and data available.
We collaboratively arrive at an initial starting point, expecting the goals will change.

2. Import your Datasources
We verify the data integrity and import your data into the semantic RDF triples format.
Once data is visible in its root form, it can be easily connected to screens using prebuilt widgets and rules.

3. Display Your Data
We display your data in a faceted browser, enabling you to imagine the possibilities and verify the benefits.